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A Science Fiction Adventure

Sellenria - a science fiction adventure blended with epic fantasy


… this story bolstered my faith that someone can still write decent sci-fi.

Sellenria brings you back to a timeless quest on an alien world. Archaeologist Stenn Gremm was following the trail of an ancestor who had vanished hundreds of years ago. It lead to a world where legends came to life and ancient evils threatened everyone who lived there.

This book delighted on so many levels. It‘s smart, insightful, and wise. The many passages I highlighted are to remind myself how to be a better person.

Stenn came to realize that he had more strength than he knew, and that he still needed his friends to succeed.

This story contains all you expect from SciFi: alien creatures, epic battles, and strange worlds; but even more it‘s a story about the best in people, whether human or otherwise.

Join Stenn‘s trek to the Citadel in the desert and find out for yourself what it takes.