• Newsletter October 6, 2023
    It was the museums that were perhaps the most memorable, from the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, the National Museum, through the Museum of Seafaring built into the walls of an old drydock, to the one that deserves some special mention, Moesgaard Museum.
  • Like a Stream Returning Not Again
    Like a Stream Returning Not Again… Our February 20 newsletter is out. Please check it out. Time is something that humanity has always known and measured. Early humans marked the days of the year to know when
  • Graphic Novels Month
    Graphic Novels Month The February 6 Newsletter is now out! Check it out for our reviews of Graphic Novels!​This month we are featuring graphic novels, those beautiful volumes that marry artwork with storytelling. The stories can be
  • The Changing of the Year
    The Changing of the Year From the January newsletter.If this were a normal year, I would be in Japan with my family. I call my wife’s mother’s house “the last house at the end of
  • How to make Twitter cards without a website
    How to make Twitter cards without a website If you’ve seen someone tweet an image that’s a link, you’ve seen a Twitter Card. They’re more eye-catching than just text, and more elegant than a separate
  • Newsletter Clipping
    Newsletter Clipping Several of our recent newsletters ran into the dreaded gmail clipping: ‘[Message clipped]  View entire message’ part-way down the message. They didn’t seem that long. I knew we didn’t want our newsletters clipped,
  • Behind the scenes – Archaeology and Simspace
    Behind the scenes – Archaeology and Simspace Stenn Gremm is an archaeologist who lives thousands of years in our future. Indeed, the ancient and dimly understood past of Stenn’s day is our present.Since some combination
  • Behind the Scenes – The Worlds
    ​For Sellenria, I imagined a specific setting: an earth-like planet, with a large, ruddy moon dominating the sky. The moon, and the mythical figure that it represented, played a central role in life on this