Chuck Boeheim

has haunted universities and physics labs for most of his life. He was deputy director of the computing center at SLAC National Laboratory in Menlo Park, CA. While working on the computing for a number of major physics experiments he has visited most of the physics labs in North America and Europe, including working for one summer at CERN. While at SLAC, he hosted (and helped debug) the first web server in North America.
​He now works at Cornell University, his alma mater. If magic did exist, he would take it into a laboratory and find out what makes it work.

Daniel Elswit

studied anthropology and archaeology as an undergraduate, and has a long-standing interest in past civilizations, especially the Pueblos of the American Southwest, and ancient Scotland.  A science fiction and fantasy fan as well, he enjoys imagining how archaeology might uncover the histories of other worlds.  To see some of Dan’s photos of real archaeological sites, including several that are reminiscent of Stenn’s simspaces, visit Dan’s photography site at

Dan is also an avid tabletop game aficionado, and some of the early ideas for the world of Sellenria were influenced by a home-grown fantasy roleplaying world and the legends surrounding it. Dan has worked in IT at Cornell University for over 20 years.