Follow a thief into a twisty world with a unique magic system.

Knots - A thief finds himself in a world with a unique magic system.


M Resche crossed a bridge and can’t go back. He can’t even find the bridge.

Monsieur Resche is an art thief. He has crossed a bridge into a quaint town, a town that disappeared from Switzerland four centuries ago. Magic is possible there; in fact, all the magic that our world once had has ended up there. The unique magic system is based on topology: a precisely tied knot, an exactly folded paper, or a cunningly drawn figure can unlock wonders and horrors.

Resche has a mind that lets him excel at this new craft, but that brings him to the notice of powerful mages who play a great game of geomancy with tiles the size of countries. And when he looks for the bridge back to Geneva, it is nowhere to be found.

The Fractalist priest offers aid that may not be what it appears, the Jeweler has intricate schemes, the newspaper editor has taken an interest, the Astromancer had good advice before she was murdered, and Resche’s cat just makes wisecracks.

Knots is a compelling story filled with unexpected characters, plot twists, literal location twists, mystery, and redemption. The unique magic system will draw you in, and the quirky humor will keep you engaged. A cast of strange and only conditionally-trustworthy people will appeal to readers of Zelazny or Gaiman.

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