A Science Fiction story of first contact Lieutenant Yusmara is an unconventional starship pilot. She steers by rope and canvas, at least in metaphor. She’s at the helm of the Gemini as something pulls onto

A contagious short story Stories are repeated. They evolve. They are cross-bred and spliced. Ideas take on a life of their own. The oldest legends appear in the latest retellings. One day, by design or


Follow a thief into a twisty world with a unique magic system. M Resche crossed a bridge and can’t go back. He can’t even find the bridge. Monsieur Resche is an art thief. He has


A Science Fiction Adventure … this story bolstered my faith that someone can still write decent sci-fi. Sellenria brings you back to a timeless quest on an alien world. Archaeologist Stenn Gremm was following the